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Me & Mrs Jones

Adult Boutique

Male Masturbators & Masturbation Toys

Male masturbators have seen many upgrades in the last years making them a male sex toy must have. With the sleek designs and realistic materials it feels like the real thing. These toys offer sensations that the hand alone cannot. Use this toy on your own or with a partner for a joint masturbation session because sometimes watching can be so sexy. These toys can be used with a variety of water based lubricants that can be found in Essentials for Him.

Realistic Male Masturbators

Some male masturbators come in realistic designs that resemble the form of the vagina, anus or mouth to simulate different kinds of penetration. Many of these toys are made with real-feel materials for a life-like experience. Some of the masturbators available at Me and Mrs. Jones’ even resemble your favourite porn stars and personalities. Imagine sliding into on of the Penthouse calendar girls. Does the idea of a realistic masturbator not appeal to you? Try a non-anatomical toy that feels just as amazing without the realistic look.

How to Use a Male Masturbator Toy

Using a male masturbation toy is simple. These toys should be used with a personal lubricant to allow the toy to slide smoothly up and down the penis without painful friction. Grip the base of the penis and slowly insert it into the opening of the toy. Try moving the masturbator up and down and experiment with your own techniques to get most satisfaction from this male sex toy. These toys can be used to train and build up stamina in order to last longer at intercourse.