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Adult Boutique

Sexy Roleplaying Costumes For Women

Do you or your partner have an erotic fantasy that you would like to play out? Me and Mrs. Jones has the sexy roleplaying costume for you that will bring those fantasies to life. Whether you want to be a naughty nurse, sexy cop, sexy firewoman, a tempting school girl or a sexy French maid you’ll find it all here. We carry sexy costumes from top brands like Roma Costumes, Costume Collection, Shirley of Hollywood and Allure Leather. Pair sexy costumes with a Ellie Shoes to complete your fantasy look.

Sexy School Girl Role Play Costumes

You are sure to be the teacher’s pet in one of Me & Mrs. Jones’ sexy school girl costumes. Choose from tempting school girl costumes that are perfect for fancy dress parties or choose one for a naughty night in with your favourite teacher. Turn back the clock to the school days you’ve been fantasizing about. Sexy costumes look great with hold up tights and knee high socks, so check out the accessories department in Apparel for Her to complete your naughty look.

Sexy Costumes Bring Fantasy to Life

Take care of your sick patient as naughty nurse. Arrest your bad behaving partner as a sexy cop and negotiate a fun way to get out of a ticket. Do some cleaning as a sexy french maid - that will surely turn his head. Sexy womens costumes bring the fantasy world of role playing to life. Roleplaying costumes are a great way to spice up any night!