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Me & Mrs Jones

Adult Boutique

Anal Toys for Women

View our entire range of anal toys for women and butt plugs and find the perfect fit for you. At Me & Mrs Jones, we thrive to be Australia’s favourite adult toy shop – providing our amazing customers with a one-stop shop for finding great quality anal vibrators, butt plugs and many varieties of women anal toys at incredible prices with sex toy accessories that go with your anal toy for a more enjoyable and exciting experience. Our collection of anal dildos, anal vibrators, anal beads, butt plugs, anal dongs, remote controlled and many more anal toys for women. Enjoy it at your solo session or with a partner to make things more exciting.

Women Anal Toys

Anal toys are a very popular sex toy that can be used on males, females, couples and every other gender identity. Playing with an anal sex toy can be very satisfying because when used properly with the right fit and shape, it can induce even more intense orgasms than just vanilla sex. Women anal toys are more popular in the sex industry but with more and more people indulging and enjoying anal sex, different types of anal toys have been manufactured and produced specifically for women and couples as well. Anyone can enjoy anal sex with our range of female and male anal toys; some of which are classified as beginners range and advanced range.

Anal Stimulators & Butt Plugs

Anal simulators and butt plugs come in many shapes and sizes with different functions to go with them. Exploring your sexuality and sexual limits with anal toys can be very enjoyable and mind opening; unlocking a new world of possibilities in pleasure. Browse through our incredible selection of anal toys in many different shapes, sizes and colours. When playing with anal toys, make sure you don’t push the toy too far and keep a good grip on the end to pull it back out.