Understanding the Desire to Dominate


The art of Domination


In our normal, everyday lives, we pretty much control what we do, for example:

We control how we dress, how we act, how we work, what we eat, and so forth.

To us this is just a daily routine that we don’t pick apart to theorize and is usually done subconsciously, but to others, every little action that they take, they must control the entire situation.

They must control all aspects of their lives, and should they fear that they are losing that control, the end results could be horrifying.

When I say horrifying I mean domestic violence, murder, torture, suicide, rape–like I said horrifying.

The keyword for this paragraph is ‘must’. They must have the control, where the rest of us are fine if something goes astray with our routine.

We live in the moment and go with the flow.

The Desire to Dominate

Is the desire to dominate a mental disease? I guess it would depend on who you ask.

Sure, when you research there are experts that call it a mental disorder, but I don’t like to go too far down the scientific road.

I like to give a synopsis of what I know of the world today.

I’ve been around for awhile and have seen a lot of stuff.

I can also be very opinionated so you can take that with a grain of salt. *grin*


To fully understand the desire to dominate, I think you would have to walk in those shoes for a short time.

Maybe check out the stories on BDSM websites or psychological websites, depending on which road you want to go.

Everyone knows the definition of dominate or control, but how far you take that is completely up to you.

In the BDSM lifestyle, domination has varying degrees.

Outside of the lifestyle, the definition can be completely different and sometimes even downright scary for some people.


The Need of Control

Human beings have the need to control many aspects of their lives, and how many times have you said to someone, ‘it’s my life not yours’ or ‘stay out of my business’…you get my point.

We need to know that we are in control of our own lives, because if we lose that control, what do we do?

Unfortunately, some individuals take that control too far which can lead to many disastrous things.

Know that if you feel you need to control things in your life, it is a normal human reaction.

But also know that should that desire become all you think about, there are people out here willing to help so that it doesn’t turn into something that you can never forgive yourself for.