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Adult Boutique

The Best Sex Swings & Slings Online

Sex swings and sex slings for couples can enhance sexual positions for both partners, bringing ecstasy to a new level for both. Spice up the bedroom or whatever room you’re in to try sex positions you once only dreamed of. Easy to install and remove, your sex slings and sex swings are you and your partner’s own naughty little secret.

Benefits of Sex Swings & Sex Slings

Props aren’t just ticklers, feathers, and costumes! Sex slings and sex swings are a great way to try something new and exciting in sex play. Sex slings and sex swings can make your favourite position more pleasurable or give you new positions to discover. Sex slings and sex swings are great ways to provide more control and leverage in any position you and your partner explore.

Me & Mrs. Jones

Meet, a one of a kind online adult store inspired by the Billy Paul song of the same name. What sets Me and Mrs. Jones apart from other online adult shops is that we believe the mood of your experience doesn’t start after your adult product purchase from us, but the moment you visit our store. We want to put you in the mood with provocative, alluring, and seductive imagery that will get you in the shopping mood as you shop our adult products from our sex toys that include vibrators, bullets, eggs, dildos, anal toys, pumps, male stimulators, and more.