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Me & Mrs Jones

Adult Boutique

Furniture For Sex - Pillows & Chairs

Sex furniture is designed to make both partners more comfortable during sex. Sex furniture allows you to find more positions and angles than you ever imagined so you and your partner can have mind blowing sex. Sex furniture requires no bondage straps, swings or harnesses and aligns to fit the body for the most effective position of sex play.

Pillows and Ride-Ons

Just like sex furniture, pillows allow for the most comfortable and desirable position you and your partner need for sex. Pillows will allow the freedom to try more positions and angles during sex. Ride-ons are inflatable toys that can be rocked, bounced or rolled on and will give it to you anyway you want it. Most ride-ons use a vibrating dildo for maximum gratification.

Me & Mrs. Jones

For the beginner to the experienced, our detailed adult product descriptions, images, guides, FAQs will be helpful on the journey to your sexual health and well being. Our unique adult shop makes it easy for you to make discreet purchases that are shipped right to your doorstep. Me and Mrs. Jones is a proudly Australian owned and operated sex toys shop and offers a premiere shopping experience for sex toys Australia. Because we at Me and Mrs. Jones know that sometimes “the feeling is just to strong” to resist, we’re here to let you know that you don’t have to resist it anymore.