Tips for Marathon Sex



Tips for Marathon Sex – Are you Ready?


Marathon sex is something that not everyone has the stamina to partake in.

For those who actually do, though, it can not only be a great way of getting physical exercise but can also help you and your partner get closer together.

And on the flip side, there’s also the fact that the two of you can simply have fun.

Of course, when actually getting down to it you may want to take a look at the different positions that you can use.

Some of the classics work well here, but the key is really mixing them up a bit so neither of you gets bored.


Doggystyle and Its Variations

It may seem like doggy style is a standard position, but it can end up being quite a useful one if you’re going to have sex for hours on end.

It’s because you can vary the position in numerous ways.

For example, one partner can stand on all-fours on the bed whilst the other partner stands on the floor and does them from behind.

Later on, you could move onto the bed itself. Both of you can then be standing, one of the partners leaning against the wall (both the receiver and the giver can do this… though not at the same time!).


Have a Rest!

If you feel that the penetrating partner is doing all the work and perhaps needs to lie down a little… Well, reverse cowgirl works very well! The person being penetrated can sit on the top and do a bit of work for the moment whilst the other gets a rest and can just enjoy what’s going on. You can then both flip around into missionary and give the other partner a rest.

Missionary can also help keep one of you active for a bit if one wants to remain standing for a while: this includes the penetrating partner standing up and the other one on lying on their back on the bed… Of course, this depends on how high the bed is! And you don’t even have to do it on a bed. There are a lot of perfectly good kitchen tables which have had this sort of action on them, so you may want to consider them as an option!


Extra Tips for Lasting Longer

Essentially, you may want to vary your speed a bit to ensure that the two of you get the most out of what you’re doing.

Men probably don’t want to come as fast, so slowing down the speed a bit will help to keep going for a little bit longer.

And of course, there are also cock rings which can help to keep an erection for a good long while.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you’re allowed to take breaks.

Starting off slow is also a good idea as you will both want to get into the mood.

Remember, you’re both planning for hours of fun so there is no rush!