Tickling Fetish: No Laughing Matter


Tickling Fetish

There are some fetishes that few people talk about because on the surface, they can seem rather silly.

It is, however, good to remember that no fetish or sexual desire can be considered “silly” or ridiculous: as long as what is done is consensual between the parties involved.

It can end up being something quite fulfilling for those who enjoy it.

Tickling “Weaponry”

Tickling can often come with a variety of tools which end up providing a whole range of different sensations.

Some people enjoy a good, old-fashioned tickle under the arms.

There are much more who want sometimes a little more subtle and sensual.

For many, in fact, the sensual aspects of tickling is exactly what they’re looking for.

For this, there are often other implements involved such as feathers, cushions etc.

The Tickling Community

Generally, within this particular fetish community, tickling can be divided into “ticklers” and “ticklees” (not unlike the dom/sub relationships that exist in BDSM).

Ticklers are naturally those who perform the act and ticklees tend to be the ones who like receiving: of course, depending on the pairing and the couple, these roles can be reversed.

One of the best ways of finding a partner (as with most people these days) is often to look online.

If you do happen to already have people with whom you know you can explore such fetishes, then this can help too.

There are a lot of forums and sites out there for people who want to explore this particular sensory practice.

If you have any questions…

Don’t be afraid to post them on forums and see what you can find out.

Depending on where you are, meet ups and events may also be possible!