Things to Do With Whips

WHIP – The most Iconic Sex Fetish

There is nothing more iconic than the whip. It has been used throughout history as a method of punishment, on both people and animals.

These days, there really is no need for whips… Except in the context of sexual role play and fetish.

You could even say that the whip is one of the more iconic symbols of the BDSM world, along with things like chains and rubber masks.

Some people might even consider whips to be a rather “light” version of sexual torture and punishment, but that is also dependent on how you use it.


Whips – Just What Can They Be Used For?

It is no secret that a lot of people enjoy the pain of being whipped. For some, it is the actual sensation on their skin.

This is something that can be replicated with other implements (especially those who enjoy being scratched or lightly cut with knives).

But the whipping sensation is only a small part of it.

For some people, it is all about power and dominance. The person doing the whipping is generally seen as the more dominant one.

They’re the one who is in control and in power… Therefore, this tends to give them a huge thrill.

Having someone else moan and beg for more is only going to add to it.

Of course, that person could also be moaning and begging for mercy,

so it is entirely up to the dynamic between the two of them.

Tickling and Other Sensations

The sensation of strangulation is another one that many people enjoy. In fact, strangling is quite popular and whips can be used in order to replicate the feeling.

This is something that takes a little bit of practice. You should also only do it with a person that you trust completely.

Many people who get into erotic asphyxiation tend to get so excited by the idea that they end up forgetting all of the safety precautions that should be taken along with it.

You can get whips in various different shapes and sizes.

There are thicker, heavy-duty whips which are going to cause a lot of damage and therefore you need to be very careful with. In fact, it is always important to gauge the level of pain you and your “slave” want to achieve.

There are lighter whips and these are for people who aren’t so much into pain.

In fact, whips that produce more of a tickling sensation are sometimes used purely in the area of dominance and control.


Other Whipping Instruments

The traditional whip is of course not the only thing that you can use.

There are also riding crops (which are typically used for horses) that can be brought into the bedroom and used in dominance and submission play.

These are quite sore and are sometimes used as a way of punishing the slave if they misbehave in any way.

Again, make sure to gauge your comfort level before you decide to go into a full-on mode when using them!