The Spanking Fetish



Spanking – Things You Need to Know


Spanking is an intense fetish and one that is barely understood.

However, it has a very big following in countries all across the world.

While it can be part of the BDSM scene, this isn’t necessarily always the case.

Someone who is into spanking may also enjoy different aspects of it: some enjoy being spanked, whilst others enjoy dishing it out.

It depends on the person and of course, there are those who like to “switch” between roles.

For those who indulge in the fantasy together, it is important to determine which role is suited to whom.

Some partners will switch whilst others will stick to one.


Incorporating Tools

Spanking doesn’t necessarily have to be done with your hands. You can also use a wide range of different tools.

The intensity of the spanking also depends: there are some people who like being hit very hard, and with things like belts, ropes, whips, chains etc.

Others prefer the sensual experience of being lightly spanked.

Before engaging in any kind of activity of this nature.

it is always best to talk about it and explain just what it is you want.

You can go shopping for tools and try out different things.

Others prefer being spanked with pillows and softer items simply because of the way that they feel.

There is also a distinction you may want to make between nude and clothed spanking.


Spanking as a Part of Role Play

Role play is something that seems to set off the engines of a lot of people and this is probably where spanking can shine at its best.

In certain BDSM practices, such as that of age play, a couple may decide to divide themselves into a combination such as a mother/son or father/daughter.

If the “child” misbehaves, then the spanking comes out.

Role play could also involve the “dom” of the situation refusing to spank the “sub”.

Perhaps the “sub” is being too “good” and therefore just isn’t going to deserve the possible punishment they could get.


Going Online – Finding Other Spankers

If you can think of it, there is probably a community for it.

By going online and taking a look at what different forums are out there, you will find that there is definitely a niche for spankers.

Here you can discuss various techniques and roles and see what fits you.

Talking about this fetish can be a bit difficult especially if you have never spoken about fetishes before.

However, the fetish itself doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual and can also be something that you enjoy without a sexual partner.

Some people are simply turned on by the whole idea of it and aren’t looking to get naked.

Before organizing a session like this, it is a good idea to clear up any doubts you may have with the persons you’re playing with.

As with any kind of action, whether BDSM or entirely sexual, communication is going to be one of the best keys to get you going!