How to Shave Your Genitals, Safely!



How to Shave Your Genitals

Back in the day, hairy bushes were all the rage.

Most ladies had a full ‘head of hair’ down there.

Shaving was not something that the women considered because hair down there was a sign of sexual desire, adulthood.

So rather than do extensive research on when shaved genitals first appeared,

I decided to give you the how-to lesson instead. If you want to know the history have fun searching the web for it,

I’ll be right here waiting for you…*taps fingers*…Moving on.


So you’ve decided that you want to try shaving your pussy for the first time, well more power to you!

Pubic hair is a pain, in my humble opinion.

But there are some men in the world that desire a full bush instead of a shaven pussy, so make sure it’s a step you want to take.

After all it is your body, if you want to shave then do it, he’ll survive. *wink*


NO do not use an electric razor down there, they pull the pubes and it’s not very comfortable.

Once you get used to shaving and just want to touch it up a little, then maybe, but not when you first attempt it.

Use brand new razors, not used. I prefer double bladed or triple bladed razors for my shaving routines, but hubby prefers single blade.

Since he is the one that shaves me, I let him use single blade. He does a damn good job too.

Try the Touche Masturazor: razor and vibrator in one!

Shaving Cream

There is no rule etched in stone that says you must use shaving cream or gel to shave down there.

I prefer it, because I’ve always used gel, but that’s just me.

Moisturizing soap, shampoo, even conditioner and dish soap will work just fine.

Just make sure you know what irritates your skin and what doesn’t.


If you’re doing it yourself, have patience because it may not turn out the greatest your first time, but after you practice for a while, you’ll become a pro.

Position that works best

Provided you are doing this yourself, sitting on the edge of the tub works best or on a chair with a mirror on the ground so you can see your va-jay-jay.

If you think standing in the shower is easiest, then do that. It’s whatever is comfortable for you and works.

Downward strokes

When shaving legs, we use an upward motion, but on your pussy you want a downward motion to help avoid shaving bumps.

You will get some as it’s inevitable, but you can limit them by shaving downward not upward.

Trust me on this one!


Lather, Lather, Lather

Make sure you are lathered up well, and keep adding to it as not to dry out your skin. Do not use just water without lather, it can become dry and hurt.

Clean off Razor Frequently

As with your legs or armpits, keep cleaning out the razor constantly so that you don’t get scratched by any hair in the razor.

Rinse and Pat Dry

You’re done! Nice job! Now rinse off with warm water, and pat dry, do not rub because it can irritate the sensitive skin.


That’s all there is to it. Easy, peasy, just be careful with the soap you put on there and make sure the razors are constantly cleaned.

These steps can also be taken if you’re planning on having your hubby shave his cock and balls if he doesn’t already.

Enjoy your new found sexual feelings!