Sexy Role Play Ideas


Ideas to Spice Up Your Sexual Life


Like your social life, your sex life is something that can ebb and flow. In order to be a healthy person, you need a sex life that suits you: some people prefer frequent sex, others need it less frequently. Whatever the case may be, it is important that you discuss what it is you want with your partner. Over time in relationships, however, sex can end up getting a little boring and a little bit routine. This often means that the two of you need to try a few things to spice things up.

And there are a lot of things you can do. Setting different moods and going on different types of dates can certainly help to bring out something else. But there is also something else that a lot of people try and have great success with and that is sexy erotic roleplay. Below are a couple of ideas that may help you and your partner get more into the mood.



The Repairman

One of you pretending to be a repairman (or woman) and coming over to fix something may seem to bring out a ridiculous porno… but you will be surprised at just how much this can work at turning you on! You can script it beforehand if that’s what you want, but doing it on the spur of the moment can also be a fun way of discovering new things. And of course, if either of you happens to have a costume then this can only help to add to the excitement.


The Hitch Hiker


The hitch hiker can be a lot of fun because it involves driving out somewhere in order to set it up. One of you walks along the road and pretends to be a hitch hiker (we would recommend doing this in a more open area where there are few cars… you don’t actually want to run into anyone else!). You can then choose to bring the other person home or… Simply get nasty in a public bathroom somewhere, or even in your car!


Prisoner and Prison Guard


One of the reasons this particular role play is so hot is because it is all about dependency. In many ways, it can also mirror a lot of BDSM scenarios. If this is something that you like to dabble in, then we would, by all means, recommend it! Kudos if you are able to set up a makeshift cage in your bedroom or living room… It can help make it more realistic!


Call Girl (or Boy) and Client


This is a nice one because the two of you can both dress up fancy and meet in a hotel. It is also versatile because you can also meet at home… and you can be as scraggly and washed-out looking as you want. It is all up to you and your imagination.


These are only a few ideas but they can help to get the engines running. Remember, your imagination is key!