Sexy Lingerie Guys Love the Most


Sexy lingerie


Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any day of the year, wearing sexy lingerie for your man can add an exciting element to bedroom playtime. Have you ever wondered what types of lingerie men love the most? Read on for their favourites.


Sexy Rules

Overwhelmingly, men of all ages prefer a sexy, seductive lingerie style. Once upon a time, there weren’t many options. You either chose plain, utilitarian lingerie or seductive styles. Today, different trends reveal a huge selection at any lingerie store. You can go athletic with a sports bra and tiny workout shorts, demure in light pink lace or even vintage in torpedo bras and waist-high panties.


Forget all of it! Wear whatever you want when sex isn’t an option, but to excite your man, seductive styles rule. Thankfully, this is still the most common style and the easiest to find. Go for black whenever possible – guys equate the colour with seduction when worn as lingerie. You can add some fun with small pops of colour if monochromatic just isn’t your style.



While it’s not technically lingerie, that’s precisely the point. Adding a few accessories to your lingerie getup adds an extra visual dimension that guys love. When polled, they chose high heels as their favorite, with garter belts and thigh-high stockings coming in second. Combining these will blow his mind.


One of the perks of lingerie accessories is that they allow you to add some colour and style. A black bra-and-panty set, for example, will definitely get his motor running. Add some red leather shoes and black thigh-highs, however, and you’re sure to send him into overdrive.


Go crazy when it comes to shoes and lingerie. Styles that you’d never normally wear – studs, stilettos, feathers, over-the-knee boots, straps, and buckles – become incredibly appropriate when paired with lingerie. Have some fun and don’t worry about brand-name quality – those 6-inch heels are never leaving the bedroom anyway.



If you’re feeling intimidated while staring at racks of bras and panties in every color combination imaginable, don’t worry – remember that black is sexist. The style is your next concern, and, thankfully, this one is just as easy – think small.


Regardless of what’s trendy, surveyed men tend to like the smallest pieces of lingerie the best. This means thongs, plunge, demi-cup and plunge bras, and, in general, very minimal coverage. Feel free to add a robe to cover things up until the big reveal, but forget the flannel and terry. Think short and silky, or even see-through.


As you can see, the lingerie men love most is pretty basic. Aside from a few fun accessories, there’s no need to break the bank or overthink what’s going to turn him on. You just have one last thing to remember – be yourself. Nothing is less sexy than a girl who’s afraid to turn the lights on because the Lady Gaga-esque ensemble the salesgirl talked her into makes her feel stupid. Lingerie can be a huge confidence booster – but only if you begin within your comfort zone and take baby steps outward. To start, choose something that he’ll love and you’ll love wearing – you’ll both be much happier and have more fun. And after all, isn’t that the whole point?