Sexual Compatibility Versus Working Relationships

sexual compatibility


Sexual Compatibility VS Working Relationships


Remember the magazine quizzes you took in your younger years?

Or the more recently created ones on the internet? There are quizzes in a lot of magazines and online sites that women read all based around sexual compatibility, or if your chosen spouse/partner and you are compatible, and even the ones where your astrological sign tells you whether you or somebody else was going to be a good match sexually and in a relationship. Yes, we have all seen them, and chances are we actually took them, and almost believed the results. Then reality came knocking on our doors in the shape of Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong, and all those compatibility tests were lost to us forevermore.


Explaining the Differences

Sexual Compatibility and Good Relationships are completely different aspects, but when brought together as one, they are exactly what we as sexual individuals expect to find in the person we want to spend our lives with. We can be sexually compatible with many partners, but would said partners actually be good relationship partners? In my humble opinion, not all of them, because no one is perfect. We play the field for different reasons like to sow our wild oats, escape stress, enjoy more sex, to curb our sexual appetites, or to look for someone we can settle down with. Many have luck, but not everyone, though there is someone out there for everyone and I truly believe in that.


What is Sexual Compatibility?

So what exactly is Sexual Compatibility? Easy enough, it’s when two people (or more for you little freaks out there) find that they enjoy the same things in bed, perform the same way, and enjoy how each of them makes the other feel during the act. defines it as: “…Importance to your satisfaction. … Perceived sexual compatibility is defined as the extent to which a couple perceives they share sexual beliefs, preferences, desires, and needs with their partner.” Just like I said, but with bigger words!(wink)


Okay hang on, I’m getting to it. What are Good Relationships? If I really have to explain this to you, then maybe you should take a second look at the relationship you are currently in or pursuing. Good relationships thrive when people communicate with each other, have sexual compatibility, enjoy each other’s company no matter if playing cards or having sex, and learning to compromise because of their differences. Those are the basics of a good relationship, and much more I didn’t include. Sexual compatibility does make things even better, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you base your relationship on.


Keep in mind, just because Mr. or Ms. Hottie is hot in the sack, doesn’t mean that they are good relationship material. By all means, if you’re not looking for a relationship and Mr. or Ms. Hottie show up, have fun romping around with each other, but always play it safe. No glove, no love!