How to Safely Have Outdoor Sex

Outdoor Sex


Sex in general is never an absolute safety even with precautions taken and safe boundaries in place.

Outdoor sex runs a few more risks of course.

With dogging you don’t really know who’re going to end up with as a sexual partner

Much like other “types” of cruising.


The risks


Dark lighting and lots of distraction as is in the outdoors often means one cannot be entirely sure condoms are worn.

Be able to take the necessary time to ascertain tell-tale signs of disease such as herpes.


Other risks are more legal ones, exposure as well and the risk of the anonymity of outdoor sex and cruising being shattered, adding to the excitement and appeal of exhibitionism.

Legal risks however can be severe, however with this in mind most places where such activities are prominent are usually carefully selected.


Outdoor sex is also an option for people who simply cannot host sexual encounters or are most likely sneaking about behind either their parents’, housemates’ or partner’s back.


Be safe

How to safely have outdoor sex?

Remember it is illegal.

Having said that it does happen, will always happen and there’s not much anyone can do to stop it.

With that in mind let me say the following words of warning:

  • Be very mindful of your surroundings,
  • Take extra care to ensure the proper precautions are taken and most importantly,
  • Have discretion, not just for your partner’s sake but for the public’s sake too,
  • Engage in moderation as multiple and anonymous sexual partners can lead to no end of trouble- at the doctor’s and also random encounters at the shops or theater.