Roleplaying and its Effectiveness in the Bedroom



Roleplaying Fantasy


If you’ve watched Friends, you remember the episode with Ross’ fantasy.

Having sex with Princess Leia from Star Wars.

Yes, what could’ve been a Mexican pepper-hot situation went south.

But anyway, this stands to show that everybody has a fantasy.


The “schoolgirl” is the most common one. And the most disturbing, for that matter, unless the “schoolgirl” is actually in college.

Roleplaying is somehow still frowned upon, and for no good reason.


It can do wonders in the bedroom. Here are some of the advantages of this practice.


The Perks


It connects the partners

If your partner is willing to fulfil your fantasy, you can be sure he/she is a keeper. If he/she is not, you’re a few dollars short, but you’ve got a costume at the ready for your next partner who (maybe) will be in the mood for putting up an act.


It all depends on the “severity” of the fantasy. Long story short, fulfilling each other’s deepest fantasies will make the two of you more connected than ever.


It unlocks a new level of hotness

Since you’re just acting it all up, you’ll be able to do some things you wouldn’t have dared to do before. This includes talking dirtier than an atheist who’s died and discovered God is real, doing it in positions that require angles you didn’t think the human body is capable of and many others.


Depending on the character, sex can become not unlike a spiritual awakening.


Opens up the partners

When you’re able to open up to each other about your deepest secrets concerning sex, your relationship will never be the same. It will be more fortified than ever. Of course, that won’t happen if your phantasy is anything close to a scene from a horror movie.


Adds some much-needed spice

If your relationship is getting boring and sex doesn’t seem to satisfy you as much as it once did, you need to solve this problem. Roleplaying can easily do that. Even if at first it’s taken more like a joke, it will become a recurrent practice in your bedroom.


That’s because it won’t be only you satisfying your dreams, but your partner also. It’s not something that serves only one of you, but both. Explaining this to your partner should be mandatory if he/she is not eager to partake in it.



Roleplaying can be a phenomenal trick in infusing more passion into a relationship that needs it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, really, especially when it comes with such a large array of advantages for the both of you.


Even though it might be hard to initiate, it will become a habit if done right. And of course, if you have some really twisted phantasies, you better come up with a more humane one, so you don’t end up being single.


With all these being said, we hope we’ve made you interested in this and that soon enough, you’ll be living up to your dreams. Just be careful what those dreams are.


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