Review: Vibratone Duo-Balls

Vibratone Duo Balls





This was it. I’ve read about Kegel exercises and strengthening your vagina.

I’ve read about vaginal weightlifting brought to the lime light by Kim Anami and the benefits like increased female sexual energy and intense orgasms.

So when I bought my first kegel balls on a Friday night, I was so excited and suffice it to say that was my Friday and Weekend plan so to speak.


Let the Kegel Games Begin


So I got home, went straight to my room and popped them in for the first time ever.

I thought to myself this might take a little getting used to, which it obviously does.


It felt … weird … at first. I walked around my room to see how it felt and it felt kind of good. I can feel the balls shaking and vibrating with every stride I took around my room. Because there were balls inside the silver outer shell, whenever you move you can feel the balls rocking inside which makes it feel like they’re vibrating. Suffice it to say, it was actually kind of stimulating.


And then I walked out of my room, legs closed, to the kitchen, looking around the house to see if my housemates were home.

There was none. So I started to make my dinner in the kitchen, all the while feeling the Vibratone balls inside me and trying to flex my muscles at the same time. It felt good.


I got used to it after a few flexes. But at the same time,

I kept walking with my legs closed tight for fear of one of them popping out to say hello to the outside world from between my legs.

I quickly made my food and brought it back to my room before anybody came home.

So after I reached the safety of my room, I had my food while exercising.

I sat on my bed and kept exercising.

It was a nice feeling to say the least. But after a while I started to get bored.


I was like, is this it?

Just flex flex flexing away on my bed, while watching a movie and drinking some wine.

I sometimes even forgot I had them in me because I really got into the movie I was watching.

When I finished the movie,

I started to think how should I make this exercise more interesting?

I looked around my room and then … Ah ha! Found my Satisfyer Pro 2.


The combined sensation of the Vibratone Duo-Balls and the Satisfyer Pro 2 made my kegel exercises a whole lot funner and satisfying.

My muscles were flexing while the Satisfyer was massaging my clitoris.

After just a couple minutes,

I reached a really intense orgasm from the two toys working on me at the same time and it was heaven.


So the main things I took from my experience with the Vibratone Duo-Balls is:

  • They’re only for kegel exercises
  • Don’t expect to have an orgasm while you’re using them
  • If you exercise on a regular basis, you’ll experience intense orgasms during sex
  • If you exercise on a regular basis, your vaginal muscles will get stronger (try flexing during sex, your partner will love it)