Overcoming Shyness at Sex Parties


Sex parties are a lot of fun. It can be a very atypical way of meeting people, but it is also a fantastic way of exploring your sexuality with others. There is often something that stops many people from going to them, however: shyness. Being shy and nervous in front of others is probably one of the biggest hindrances to otherwise uninhibited sex. What you need to do is, therefore, see if you can overcome your shyness.

Shyness is a very strange trait because it can come out in the most unusual places. People who are not normally shy may suddenly clam up in certain situations. Those who would probably seem to be rather quiet and cautious around people may, in the context of a sex party, suddenly (literally) let everything hang out.

You could be one of those people or you could be someone who needs a bit of time. If this is you, make sure that you take a look through the following tips.


Shyness at Sex Parties: Knowing the People

We’re not talking about getting to know every person individually. We’re talking about knowing the “type” of person that goes to these parties. The “type” of the individual is usually someone who wants to have sex and experiment. So, for the most part, there is not going to be a lot of judgment in this sense. Judgment is something that you need to leave at the door when you go to a sex party.

This is what the “people” are: a group of fun-loving, consent-giving individuals who want to explore one another’s bodies. Taking “no” for an answer from someone is also part and parcel of the deal. It may be rather difficult at times, however. Ultimately, you still need to understand that no one is there to judge you and you are all there to have fun.


Have a Drink

Alcohol is an inhibitor however, it can also dampen your potential sexual performance. So, having a drink does not mean having five in a row and getting tipsy. You need to make sure that you are still able to perform the functions you intend to perform in the first place. You will want all of your parts “working”. Having a drink will just loosen your tongue a little bit.

Most people at sex parties are focused on one thing and may take other enhancements. This is up to you whether or not you want to join in on that.


Wear Sexy Underwear

Certain types of sexy underwear or at least underwear that makes you feel sexy is what will also draw a lot of confidence towards you. Feeling sexy can be difficult at times, but using an aid is also well worth it. You will not only feel good about yourself but you will also find that others will respond to you positively. This is primarily thanks to the fact that your inner confidence is shining through and that is what can help you to perform better.