Making a Sex Dungeon


Let’s Talk About Sex Dungeon

The idea of a sex dungeon may sound a little creepy, but that’s exactly what many people like about it.

Sex dungeons, of course, don’t have to actually be located in a dungeon.

Some people might like to set them up in their basement but it can also just be a room in the house or even in the attic!

The whole idea behind it is that it is a room designed specifically for sexual exploration.

So, if you would like to have a sex dungeon then take a look at these tips which will point you in the right direction.



The decoration and design of your sex dungeon are totally up to you.

There are certain colors and styles, though, that can provide you with a good bit of inspiration.

You may want to model your dungeon on the idea of a “BDSM dungeon” – have lots of metal, leather and dark colors (and of course, black).

You could also make it a room of eroticism. In this case, slightly lighter colors are a better option.

You can have silk, purples, reds and other items such as candles and soft music.

A sex dungeon or room can also be multipurpose: so, instead of simply deciding to go with one option, you can shake things up a little bit.

Wall-hanging is great because you can quickly and easily change them depending on your mood.

Take inspiration from relaxation rooms and look at some of your favorite porn movies.

These can also serve as a wonderful source of inspiration for your erotic fantasies.

When it comes to decoration, there is no such thing as going too far.

All you need to do is ensure that it follows your tastes.. and makes you horny!


What to Put in Your Sex Dungeon

Again… Anything you want! Of course, generally speaking, you will store things like sex toys, slings, have a bed (or even a sofa if you are so inclined) and various other implements.

Those who are into rope bondage may also want to have a few poles here so that various types of ropes can be tied during the act.

Your sex dungeon should also be comfy. Now, if comfort to you means that it has hard surfaces and lots of potential for pain…

Then let loose! Of course, you can also have sofa cushions and even a mattress-like floor (this is particularly good for those who throw swinger parties or have orgies).


What to Do in Your Sex Dungeon

Have sex! Seriously, anything sexual that you’d like to do can be performed here.

Which is why you should take a look at the former points and consider what sort of items you’ll fit the room out with.

Of course, you may also make your bedroom a sex dungeon in which case you’d probably do a lot of sleeping there.

At the end of the day, it is your little room of desires to do whatever you please in.

So try to make the most of it!