Keeping Your Sex Toys Clean

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How to keep your Sex Toys Clean

Sex toys, even those that are not often used, should be cleaned properly when stored.

Why? Well isn’t it obvious?

To avoid infections, bacteria, and all of those other icky things that we humans can live without.

I honestly made the mistake of washing an old double ended dildo with soap and water, and apparently I didn’t rinse it well, so the next time it came out to play was the LAST time, ever.

Know that it was NOT a pleasurable experience, and that is why I decided to pen this list for you all to follow.


Everyone knows that sex toys come in all shapes, sizes, and materials.

Below is a handy list of how to clean your toys no matter what they are made of.

Keep this in mind when exploring your fun bedroom toy play, it just might save you a lot of pain and suffering.

First things first though, the definitions of Porous and Nonporous; as defined by Non-Porous–“having no pores, not penetrable, impervious” and Porous–“Full of tiny pores that allow fluids or gasses to pass through”



Use soap and hot water to clean these, or buy some toy cleaner at the store that is made for this material.

The best idea I found was to boil them in water for about 5 minutes. These are non porous.



Same as above except I don’t recommend boiling water for these, they are jelly after all. Also non porous.



You can use plain soap and water to clean these, but keep in mind that they are porous unlike the first two meaning that they are permeable in water.

The best way I’ve seen was to use a condom over them when playing or buy some of the toy cleaner that is recommended for the material. These are porous.


Soft Skin/Cyberskin

I have seen these be cleaned with baby wipes, and it seems to work just as well.

But it’s suggested to clean them with soap and water, or you can rub them with alcohol and of course toy cleaner for that material.

You can also dust them with cornstarch inside and out, these are semi porous.


Vinyl, Glass, Acrylic, Lucite, and Metal

Use plain soap and water or a nonoxynol-9 cleaner, these are non porous.


Latex toys or apparel

Do NOT iron latex, do not put latex in the dryer. Do not use hot water on latex, only cool or lukewarm water.

To powder latex, only use non-toxic powders that are also water soluble or cornstarch. See this link for more instructions.



Can be washed with toy cleaner, alcohol, or put in the dishwasher as long as they are waterproof. Their attachments can also be cleaned that way.


Leather Care

Click HERE, it’s easier that way!

Hopefully this guide helps you with your toy care and cleaning.

There are tons of resources online to care for you toys, be sure to look them up for more information if you’d like. Enjoy!