Introduction to Electro-Sex

If you’re curious about what electro-sex is, it does mean exactly what you think it means: a sexual practice that involves applying electric stimulation to your body and yes we mean “those body” parts. You know the sensitive areas like the genitals, breasts, and everything else in the erogenous zones.


Erotic electrostimulation, abbreviated e-stim, and also known as electrosex, isn’t as painful as one may think. Were you ever dared as kid to touch the ends of a 9 volt battery to your tongue? Imagine e-stim sex feels like that but slightly more intense.




Well the science gods at Spark Fun say this: “Your body has a pretty strong reaction to electric current: 1-5 mA =  tingling sensation, 5-10mA = pain, 10-20 mA = involuntary muscle contractions, 20-10 mA = paralysis, heart stoppage. Anything less than about 1mA is imperceptible. When we held the 9V to our tongue, about 1-2mA was flowing between the terminals. Because the tongue consists of a thin membrane with nerve endings near the surface, we could readily feel the current as it excited the nerves.”


The human body is made up of 50-65% water, making it an excellent conductor of this electricity. When using a electric sex toy or e-stim pad, the electricity passes through the nerve cells creating pulsing/vibrating sensations. The sensations can be a tickling or tingling sensation to something more high powered like pins and needles or stinging sensation. You can choose the sensation by adjusting the intensity of the frequency on the toy or device.


Mystim, a brand we carry that produces e-stim devices, says that setting a frequency of 80 Hertz or more will feel like a tickling or vibrating sensation and a lower frequency of 10 Hertoz or less will allow the user to feel the individual impulses on the skin.




– Never use the product for other than intended. We know that should be common knowledge but think about all the “hey watch this taser” videos on YouTube. You wouldn’t taser yourself in the genitals so don’t use your e-stim device for anything other than intended.


– Do not allow the current to flow through the brain, heart, or throat. Again, we know its should be obvious, but your brain fires it’s own impulses to help you think and feel, your heart has it’s own sensitive rhythm, and your throat is how you breathe. Placing electrodes or toys in any of these areas could cause disruption of your finely tuned body and if in throat area could cause asphyxiation due to muscle spasms.


– If you have a pacemaker or any electronic implant, we suggest your consult your physician before you try electro-sex. Trust us. You don’t want to end up in the hospital because you didn’t ask if electro-sex could disturb your sensitive device.


– Please do not use TENS while pregnant. (TENS is the abbreviation for Trans-dermal Electrical Nerve Stimulation, meaning stimulating the nerves by means of electrical impulse through the skin).


– Only use on healthy skin


– Use a water based lubricant with internal devices and electro-conductive gel with external devices to increase sensitivity and to avoid skin irritation.


– Keep power off while applying the devices to or in your body.


Watch this informative video from Mystim.