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Guide to Sex Toys

A Sex Toy Quick Reference

With so many different products out there it can be easy to feel a little lost if you’re just dipping your toe into the realm of sex toys for the first time. Some products are designed only for male or female anatomy, while other sex toys are ideal for use with a partner. Let’s explore some of the pleasure-packed possibilities in the world of adult toys for him, for her and for us.


Anal Stimulators

There are many products that fall into the range of anal stimulators and they can be used by men, women or with a partner.  Some common products include anal beads, anal dildos, anal vibrators, butt plugs, vibrating butt plugs, inflatable butt plugs and prostate stimulators. These anal toys come in graduated sizes for all tastes and preferences. Anal beads are a great intro toy for the beginner because of their graduated bead size. With one toy you can ease yourself into the possibilities of anal pleasure. With anal toys it’s important to ensure that you have the right lubricant and your toys remain clean. Me & Mrs. Jones offers a variety of anal douches and enemas so you can feel squeaky clean and confident.


Bullets, Balls & Eggs

These are small powerful vibrators that resemble the shape of a bullet, ball, or egg. Their primary function is clitoral stimulation, however, they can stimulate any part of the body including the perineum with their intense body shaking vibrations. Vibrators are great for couples or single play as they help achieve fast and intense orgasm. They can be used to stimulate the clitoris during penetration by using it with your hands or with the a c-ring bullet combination toy.


Cock Rings

Cock rings, sometimes referred to as c-rings, are a sexual aide that restricts blood flow into the penis resulting in a longer lasting, harder erection. In addition to a standard cock ring, many c-rings are textured or have an attached bullet vibrator that stimulates the clitoris during intercourse. This toy is typically used with a partner, but can also be worn during masturbation to intensify an orgasm.


Dongs & Dildos

Dildos & dongs are two names for the same type of toy. They are phallic objects that are placed into the vagina or anus for pleasure and erotic stimulation. They are made from a variety of materials, some are realistic with balls and a shaft while others are cylindrical or decorative. You can experiment with a range of dildos & dongs, a curved shape is efficient in stimulating the g-spot or the prostate, others have double penetration capabilities and are double sided so that you can share the fun with your partner. For the ladies that crave penetration and clitoral stimulation simultaneously, there are combination dildos with vibrators such as the Rabbit.


Female Pumps

This female sex toy/sex aide, also referred to as a pussy pump, increases blood flow to the clitoris and/or labia. This can be used to increase sensitivity, increase size, give a sensation of tightness or for BDSM play. Nipple size female pumps are used to engorge and increase sensitivity in the nipples.


Love Dolls

Blow up love dolls are a less expensive alternative to the more realistic silicone love dolls. Love dolls come with one or multiple orifices. They come in both male and female models with a variety of different styles (hair colour, eye colour, skin tone, celebrity, etc.) to suit any taste.



These male sex toys offer a helping hand during masturbation. They can be used solo or with a partner who wants to spice up a hand job.  Male masturbators come in different materials including cyberskin which replicates the sensation of skin to skin contact. Some masturbators even come in the likeness of your favourite porn star!


Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are designed to enlarge the penis and maintain an erection by creating a partial vacuum. The penis is placed in the cylindrical device and is pumped either by hand or with battery power to increase blood flow which enlarges the member. Remember to measure yourself before ordering in order to choose the best fit.


Remote Controlled Sex Toys

Remote controlled and Smart-phone controlled sex toys open the door for an entire playground of erotic sensation and fun.  This is a great toy for couples, enabling someone else to be in charge of the length and intensity of the vibrations either from across the dinner table or from across the country allowing you to fully surrender to the sensation. It could add a touch of excitement and light exhibitionism to your routine or it could take your phone sex with a partner to a whole new level.


Sleeves & Extensions

Penis sleeves or cock sleeves are usually made of plastic or rubber and are worn on the penis like a sleeve. They come in different textures to enhance sensation during sex. Similar to the sleeve, penis extensions can be smooth or textured for pleasure, but also add an extending effect for the penis increasing length and/or girth giving you and your partner the experience of an even bigger penis. Some are closed at the top and others are open allowing for a more free ejaculation.



Strap-ons are dildos that fit into a harness that are attached to the hips or waste to create the experience of an artificial penis. Instead of using a free standing dildo – which requires movement by ones hand – strap-ons allow for dildo penetration through thrusting. There are a variety of harness styles, some allow for interchangeable dildos & dongs of varying lengths and girths to be inserted into the harness.

Another type of strap-on allows for hands free thrusting without the harness.  These strap-ons are enjoyed using a bulb that can either be controlled with the hand or inserted vaginally at one end and inserted into a partner at the other. Other variations of the traditional strap on are the two-way strap on that penetrates both the giver and receiver as well as the double penetration cock-ring strap on that fastens at the base of the penis.


Sex Swings, Slings & Sex Furniture

Sex swings, slings and sex furniture allow you to get into exciting sex positions that otherwise might be a little difficult or acrobatic to achieve. They can introduce aspects of bondage as well as help in finding new angles that will allow you to live out your naughtiest fantasies.



A vibrator, like its name suggests, vibrates to create erotic stimulation. There are a plethora of vibrator styles to choose from. Some provide internal G-spot vibrations while others specialise in clitoral orgasm. The most popular, however, are the vibrators that do both.