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Guide to Lubricants

The Lube Low-Down

If you’ve shopped for personal lubircants you’ve probably noticed all the different choices and varieties. Here we’ll give you the breakdown on the different types of lubes available and their key attributes and differences.


Everyone’s body is different and each individual will have their own personal preference of personal lubricant. We recommend trying a few different products to discover your favourites.  You may find that you prefer different types of lubrication for different activities. Make sure to always read the product information to ensure your sexual health and safety.


Lubes for Sex Toys

It is important to choose the right kind of  personal lubricant to extend the life of your sex toys. If your toy is made with silicone you should avoid using a silicone gel. It could potentially ruin the toy. Your best bet, if you’re unsure what type of lubricant you should use with a toy, is to choose a water based lubricant.


It is not recommended to use an oil based lube on sex toys.  The oil leaves a residue on the toy and the only way to properly clean it off is to use a harsh cleaning product and, trust us, you don’t want to be using harsh chemicals like that on something that you will be inserting into your body. Oil based lubes are not recommended for internal use in general as they can potentially cause irritation.  it’s recommended that you eliminate oil based lubes from your sex toy play and save them for a sexy massage or external masturbation. Oil based lubricants are also not recommended for use with condoms as they can degrade the material. Always remember to properly clean your sex toys after using them with a personal lubricant.


Lubes for Anal Play

We recommend that you use a lubricant during anal play for heightened pleasure and ease of entry. There are many personal lubricants available that are created especially for anal play. If you experience discomfort during anal sex, there are some anal lube options with numbing agents, desensitisers or natural relaxers such as Jojoba. Be cautious when regularly using numbing agents. Your body may want to alert you that something is wrong, however, the numbing agents will block these warnings by desensitising the area.


A silicone based lubricant could be a good choice because of its slickness and its less-mess quality. A silicone based lubricant tends to stay where you put it with minimal dripping. You don’t have to use as much as you would with a water based lubricant which can result in increased pleasure.


If silicone isn’t your preferred lubricant you could try a water based lube. It will have slightly more friction than silicon, but it can serve as a great alternative and is the least messy of the bunch, and much easier on your bed linens. A water based lubricant is also going to be your best choice to use with your silicon or cyberskin toys. Keep in mind that you may have to reapply this type of lube more often as it will dry out quicker than a silicon based lubricant.


You may also want to try a flavoured lubricant for analingus, or rimming.  There are a variety of flavoured lubricants available in our shop for a mouth watering addition to foreplay.


Water Based Lubes

This is the most common type of personal lubricant. Water based lubricants are non sticky, safe for use with condoms and won’t stain. They also make for easy clean up.  They do, however, tend to dry out quicker than some of their counterparts.


Silicone Based Lubes

Silicone lubricants last for a long time and won’t dry out like a water-based lubricant might. This type of lube is much slipperier than water based lubricant and provides a different slicker sensation. Silicone lubes require a little more clean up, as you’ll need to use soap and water to wash up after. They are safe to use with condoms, but not recommended for use on silicone or cyberskin sex toys as they will make the material gummy and potentially ruin the toy.


Oil Based Lubes

Natural oil based lubricants can potentially destroy latex condoms rendering them ineffective. They can also be damaging to sex toys. This type of lubricant can be used for external masturbation. Make sure to always read the product information to ensure your sexual health and safety.


Flavoured Lubes

Flavoured lubricants can be a great way to spice up, or in this case sweeten, oral sex and foreplay.  You can find lubes in a variety of flavours sure to suit anyone’s taste.  Some flavoured lubes are designed with numbing agents for the back of the throat for a more comfortable oral experience. Most flavoured lubes are water based.


Warming & Cooling Lubes

Warming & cooling lubricants provide heightened arousal by creating a warming or cooling sensation where it’s applied. These lubricants can be used during intercourse, used during massage, or on erogenous zones such as the nipples.


Arousal Gels

These topical gels boost blood flow to the genitals. They are generally not meant to be used as a personal lubricant, but as a sex aide to enhance pleasure and sensation.



**We recommend testing pesonal lubricants and gels on a small part of your skin before use. However, this test is not always an indicator of how a vagina will react. If you know you have sensitive skin or are prone to infection, avoid products like: water based and/or flavoured lubes with glycerine or sucralose and warming & cooling lubricants.


Me & Mrs. Jones offers a range of personal lubricants and gels from a variety of quality brands