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Guide to Fetish

Fetish wear, toys and accessories

Fetish wear, fetish toys & fetish accessories are a great way to add excitement to your after-party adventures , free yourself of the mundane routine of your sex life and to rekindle the sexual fire between you and your partner. Me & Mrs. Jones has a wide variety of fetish wear, toys and accessories available for your next sexual adventure.


Fetish Wear

Fetish wear refers to extreme and/or provocative clothing/accessory designed to provide additional creativity to your sexual adventures. These clothes aren’t usually included in ones daily attire. Common fetish wear items include cat suits, corsets, skirts, dresses and sexy shoes. The two most common materials found in the realm of fetish fashion are leather and latex.


Wearing fetish clothes can bring some extra spice into your sex life. Me & Mrs Jones has a wide variety of fetish fashion for both women and men, helping you to create a tingling sexual experience. There is no wrong way to wear our fetish fashion; we highly recommend you choose clothes which provide comfort, ensuring a great experience.


Nipple Stimulators

Nipple stimulators are fetish toys that provide additional fun by heightening your enjoyment during intercourse. These sex toys are specifically designed to stimulate your nipples – either in a mild or wild way, however you like it!


Swings & Slings

A sex swing or sex sling is a type of harness designed to allow sex while hanging above the ground. In particular, it allows for a man or women to be suspended by a swing whilst their respective partner moves around them engaging in sexual intercourse.


Sex swings can provide additional creativity and make your sex more thrilling and effortless. They enable greater freedom of movement during intercourse and assist with challenging sex positions. For your safety it is very important to follow the provided instructions when using a sex swing.


Whips, Paddles & Ticklers

Whips, paddles and ticklers are simple but fantastic tools for sexual domination by an individual over his/her sexual partner. They can be perfectly combined with other fetish wear, toys and accessories.


There are a variety of different types of whips, paddles and ticklers. Whereas wide paddles cause a satisfying slap without the sting and are a perfect choice for beginners, sleek leather whips are more popular with advanced players.


Blindfolds & Hoods

Blindfolds and Hoods can provide additional thrill for your sexual play – whether you desire a mysterious or dangerous ethos, masks can help you intensify your sexual pleasure. Wearing a blindfold mask during sexual intercourse heightens anticipation, enhances sensitivity and can perfectly be used as an entry level into the world of bondage. If you’re looking for something more advanced our fetish hoods might be the right choice for you to satisfy your fantasy.


Cuffs, Restraints & Gags

Bondage toys like cuffs, restraints and gags are designed to restrain ones physical movements. This enables a man or women to have full control over their partner. These tools are easy to use and definitively give an extra kick into your bedroom.