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Me & Mrs Jones

Adult Boutique

Bucks Night Games

Me & Mrs. Jones can supply everything you need for a fun and naughty bucks night out with bucks night games, naughty novelties for the groom and his friends, and more. All the bucks will be having naughty fun!

Sex Toys, Games & Gifts for Bucks Night

Men, you too, can have naughty fun on guys night out or bucks night with the selection of adult games, bucks night games, naughty novelties and more that Me & Mrs. Jones has available on our online store. Whatever sexy fun you are craving, we have a game perfect for you.

Love Dolls For Him

At Me & Mrs. Jones, we have inflatable love dolls that are made from material that look and feel like the real thing. If you want complete satisfaction, choose a vibrating love doll or one that is modeled after your favourite adult film star. Inflatable love dolls and love dolls come in a variety of options for men, including life like vaginal, anus, mouth openings and even life like dongs..