Foreplay: How Long Should It Last?


Foreplay is not usually a thing that people discuss. It is either a wild ride or nothing at all. But in reality, foreplay is an important part of your sexual life and should not be ignored.


It is the time that our readers learn about the importance of foreplay and how much it should last. It is time to up your sex game, forget about “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” and please your partner the right way.


What is Foreplay?


Foreplay is like greasing the engines before you take your car to a ride. In other words, it is sex but without any penetration. Both of you can perform it and by doing so, not only that you will extend the amount of sex you are having but also broaden your sexual experiences. You will have more fun, that’s all there’s to it.


Foreplay can also be done by using sex toys, accessories, role-playing, BDSM and so on. It can even be something verbal. The important part is to prepare your partner before you get to the real deal.


How Long Should It Last?


This question can be tricky to answer but, based on some surveys, the maximum should be half of the entire sexual course. For example, if you spend twenty minutes in bed, the foreplay should last anywhere between five to ten minutes or maybe a bit more. It really depends on the couple.


Some people get off with foreplay, while other prefer sexual penetration.


However, some surveys suggest that sex that lasts more than thirty minutes increases the stress in both partners and no longer provides the same amount of pleasure. In that case, foreplay should last up to fifteen minutes, give or take, and the rest of fifteen minutes should be dedicated to old-fashioned sex.


Of course, there are couples that can last a lot longer than thirty minutes. In that case, more power to them. If they can do that, they can certainly invest some time into foreplay. The trick to foreplay is to make it entertaining and fun. Change positions, add some toys, maybe new techniques. Use your imagination.


But what about those people who have sex for only five minutes or even less? Foreplay is important in this case as well. Not only will it increase the duration of the sexual intercourse, but it will last a lot longer. And do not forget, practice makes it better.


The more you do it, the better it will be in the long run, for both of you.


A Durex survey revealed that the women in South Africa are “happier” with sex after twenty-one minutes of foreplay. You hear that, guys? However, for the average men, it is twenty-three. That’s right; men desire two more minutes of foreplay.




As you can see, men need as much foreplay as women, give or take. The more you give, the more you receive – keep that in mind when you are under the sheets.