Fetishes – An Introduction


Explaining Fetish

There seems to be a lot of confusion out there nowadays with regards to what a “fetish” actually is.

Many people assume that it is purely a sex thing: in many cases, this is very true.

Fetish can also constitute a deep type of love or admiration -something that occasionally borders on obsession, even- such as “fetish” spells, whereby someone will create a voodoo doll in order to bring about some kind of effect in the physical world.

It is a complex word that has a lot of history behind it.

Here we are going to focus on sexual fetishes and what they mean for people who have them.


Sexual Fetishes – What They Mean

Quite literally, a sexual fetish simply means that there is a particular object or act that turns you on.

People can have all kinds of fetishes, some being stronger than others. It is purely up to the individual to decide what their fetish is and how it turns them on.

For example, there are in fact many people who really enjoy watching two people of the same gender have sex with one another.

This could be men enjoying lesbian sex, or women enjoying watching gay sex: in some cases, there are even individuals who don’t care what sex the people are, the very concept of homosexuality turns them on.

Then there are some of the more “popular” fetishes out there:  adult baby fetish, whereby someone dresses up as a baby and is treated as such.

Being whipped also tends to be an incredibly popular attraction and is something that is frequently used in BDSM which, for many, is literally all about fetishes.


Fetishes – Do I Have to Act Them Out?

This is something that probably confuses a lot of people. Fetishes are not something that necessarily have to partake in.

For example, anyone could like whipping very much but may not necessarily want to be whipped yourself.

Perhaps someone enjoy seeing it happen to other people, or  like watching a lot of videos that display it.

Those with the adult baby fetish that were mentioned earlier may not necessarily want to be adult babies themselves: perhaps, in fact, they just want to treat someone like a baby and therefore will provide everything for them.


Fetishes for Pay

Partaking in a fetish can also only have sexual elements, but may not involve actual sex itself. A prime example of this is the “financial dominatrix”.

Financial dominatrix is usually a woman who will be given full control of a person’s finances.

All basic living expenses are paid and some “pocket money” is given. If, however, the person in question is “bad” then they are punished by having money taken away.

Fetishes can be very simple or complex. It is up to you to decide what really turns you on, and whether you like watching or participating!