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Me & Mrs Jones

Adult Boutique

Fetish Wear

Me & Mrs. Jones has leather, lace, latex, vinyl, fishnet and more in fetish wear for you to channel your inner fetish enthusiast who not only wants to play with fetish toys and bdsm toys but to complete the experience with fetish wear. If you’re in quest of playful fetish wear to sexy fetish wear, Me & Mrs. Jones can give you exactly what you need to gratify that craving and desire. Our fetish wear selection will compliment your fetish play and bdsm play for an experience that will be mind-blowing for you and your partner.


Turn the heat of your fetish play up a notch or two by adding other fetish toys to your sex whip, paddle, or tickler play by playing with blindfolds, hoods, cuffs, restraints, gags, nipple stimulators or your favourite vibrator, cock ring, or anal stimulator. The sky is the limit when it comes to the sexual fun you and your partner can have.


Take your bondage outfit and turn it up a notch with our sex and BDSM restraints. If you liked to be tied up or tied down, hand cuffed, or restrained, Me & Mrs. Jones has a selection of cuffs and restraints that are sure to spice up your sex play. If you enjoy the feel of leather, silk, metal, or rope against your skin, our cuffs and restraints will please you and your partner. Add a blindfold, hood, or mask and increase arousal and sexual pleasure together.