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Me & Mrs Jones

Adult Boutique

Gags & Ball Gags

You can use a mouth gag or ball gag, also known as a bondage ball, to your sex play if you don’t want to experience a full bondage mask. A ball gag can subdue any squeals of pleasure from your partner. Expand your fetish play with a ball gag by adding cuffs, restraints, whips, paddles, ticklers or your favourite sex toy and fetish wear for more sexual fun.

Sex Restraints & BDSM Restraints

If you liked to be tied up or tied down, hand cuffed, or restrained, Me & Mrs. Jones has a selection of cuffs and restraints that are sure to spice up your sex play. If you enjoy the feel of leather, silk, metal, or rope against your skin, our cuffs and restraints will please you and your partner. Add a blindfold, hood, or mask and increase arousal and sexual pleasure together.

Other Fetish Toys

Blindfolds, hoods, masks, whips, paddles, ticklers and nipple stimulators can electrify your senses and increase arousal and heighten your senses. Me & Mrs. Jones has a wide range of fetish toys and BDSM toys that will allow your inner dom (dominant) or sub (submissive), to explore you or your partner’s sexual desires and urges.