Fetish Wrestling, Really!


Fetish Wrestling


Before anyone says ‘what?’, yes, it’s a real thing, and a serious one as well.

Fetish Wrestling provides a worthwhile sexual thrill to some whether you’re sitting on the sidelines watching or even in the ring participating.

Naturally you’ll find more men with this fetish than women, but trust me when I say the women enjoy it just as much, if not more than the male species.

It’s also pretty easy to explain, fetish wrestling is simply wrestling for sensual pleasure.


What is the appeal of fetish wrestling after all?

It’s almost like you’re asking why men enjoy seeing women in French cut bikinis or watching porn.

Simple, scantily clad persons, sweaty bodies, skin-to-skin, and positions that can leave a lot to be imagined.

Spectators can sit back and masturbate during a match then leave with a happy smile, pretty good deal for the guys it seems because men are all about the visual aspect of sex, and this fits them to a tee.

While there are actual professional establishments around the world that cater to customers with this fetish, you can also engage in a bout of fetish wrestling with your partner.

Doing your research is the best way to go, if you’re interested and want to know more about Fetish Wrestling.


Should you decide to indulge in some fetish wrestling privately first, you can try these few things to get your party started:

– Naked wrestling–you and your partner partake in some skin on skin wrestling, add some oil if that’s what you like, and the winner gets to say what’s next; oral sex, intercourse, etc.

– Spectator wrestling–one of you wrestles with an imaginary opponent, naked if you’d like, or if you have a friend in mind that would indulge you that would work too. The one not wrestling sits back and watches while pleasuring his or herself

– Strip wrestling–Easy, you and your partner start off with clothes and end without, self-explanatory.


Obviously, you can incorporate wrestling into your daily sexual routine, as with most any fetish.

There are a vast amount of variations you and your partner can think up, and when done correctly there will always be a good time had by everyone.


One thing that should be remembered, especially for the men that want to indulge in this fetish, is protection.

Men need to protect their packages should they decide to participate because explaining a penial injury during a fetish wrestling match to the emergency room physicians is NOT something to look forward to I’m sure.

Otherwise, enjoy!