Fetish Talk – Klismaphilia

Do you know what is Klismaphilia?



Klismaphilia, another fetish you don’t hear about too often.

The short version is those who get sexual arousal from giving or receiving enemas.

Yep, I said it, Enemas.

A person that has this fetish is called a Klismaphile or Klismaphiliac, in case you were wondering.

Just like most paraphilias, statistics show that men are more likely to engage in Klismaphilia than women, but women participate in it as well.


Just as Klismaphilia is not gender specific, it is also not sexuality specific.

Meaning it is practiced by heterosexuals as well as non-heteros in society.

According to research, klismaphiles realise that they are aroused by this sometime in their childhood but it may also be realised in later years.

It is most often practiced by receiving or giving yourself the enema. S

ome people do enjoy giving an enema to their partner as well.


There are specific apparatuses that can be purchased online or at a sex shop that are for non-medical enemas.

Some of the popular ones include an aluminium nozzle that is often used for this fetish or an anal douche.

These instruments come in multiple shapes, sizes, colours, and materials.

There are also safety rules and practices to engaging in Klismaphilia, so be sure to follow them for safe and fun play.


While this practice is frequently done with warm water cleansing the rectal area, there have been reports of people having used yogurt, coffee, air, whiskey, beer, wine, and more.

The rectal area acts like an I.V. when you insert liquids like whiskey, wine, any type of alcohol or drugs, the effects can happen immediately.

This is why water is recommended when deciding to engage in this practice.


In the 1940’s there were reports of women using enemas as a type of self-masturbation tool.

Although these reports involved mainly women, it was still shown that men took part in this fetish more often.


Those that do enjoy this fetish, keep it very secretive, which is why you don’t hear as much about it.


It is for sure a different fetish, but if  you decide you might want to try it out.


Be sure to research it as much as you can before jumping into it.


It is far more popular in the BDSM community, so that would be a good place to start. Enjoy!


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