Fetish Talk – Fire Cupping

Fire Cupping Introduction


Not a lot is mentioned about it, so I decided to do some research and share valuable information on it.

Fire Cupping or Cupping Therapy started off as an alternative medicine source in China.

It is believed that the suction on the skin can enhance healing by mobilizing one’s blood flow.

This type of therapy is performed by heating up glass cups.

Once the cups cool down will allow the skin to be sucked in, like a vacuum does.

It should also not be done by an amateur, due to the possibility of burns and bruising.


Fire Cupping History

History of Cupping Therapy is said to date back to even 3000 BC.

There are actually different variations of cupping used for alternative medicine, but for this purpose we’ll only talk about Fire Cupping.

Fire cupping is performed by soaking a cotton ball in alcohol, holding it by forceps or what is called a hemostat, then there is one quick motion of putting it inside the cup, then removing it immediately and placing the cup on the skin.

In doing so, it removes the oxygen creating suction.

Massage oil is good to use for the seal if you want to be able to move it about on the body.


If you haven’t figured it out yet, Fire Cupping is popular with the BDSM community.

This practice should NOT be performed by an amateur due to the risks.

While the actual cups can come in different sizes, or shapes, a drinking glass is the most popular to be used by those who participate in it.

Also remember that it is not the actual cup that needs to be heated but the air inside of it, once placed on the skin and it cools, the suction becomes more pronounced.

In order to remove the cup, the skin near the rim of the glass must be pressed down for release, don’t try to just pull it off.


Fire Cupping Therapy

Aside from the normal places that cupping therapy is used on such as the back.

It is used on breasts, ass, legs, arms, clits, balls, cocks, nipples, most anywhere that you want to feel it.

There is commonly bruising after the cup is removed, but it usually is gone in 24 hours.

As far as the time goes for leaving the cup on.

It depends on the person being cupped and can range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes for some people.

But usually 5-15 minutes is enough.


Would you be willing to try Fire Cupping or any of the other variations of it, or have you?

Let us know what you think. Until next time!