Fetish Talk – Age Play


Fetish – Age Play


Age Play is an aspect of Role Playing; it is when an adult can get sexual or non-sexual pleasure from pretending to be either younger or older.

Often with Age Play, one person will assume the role of a younger person or teenager, and the other will be the adult in the relationship.

It is NOT a form of pedophilia according to experts, in case that flashed through your mind.

Depending on the role you take, it can also be a form of ABDL, Adult Baby Diaper Lover or just Adult Baby, and child-like accessories such as bows, ribbons, and stuffed animals will be used.


The reasons for Age Play are many and various, everyone has a different reason to want to engage in it.

Here are some reasons that you may not have even thought of.


  • 1. Regressing back to a simpler, easier time when you were taken care of as a first priority.
  • 2. Like to act younger and have someone take care of your needs, no responsibilities.
  • 3. The appeal of being someone else, older or younger, is a big turn on for you.
  • 4. Maybe you want to relive a traumatic experience from your younger years.
  • 5. You enjoy the aspect of being ‘the boss’ instead of the other way around.


There are many more I could list, but it would take all day.

No matter what your reasoning is behind age play, the fact is that it is much more popular than one would think.

For instance, that teacher/student scenario that many fantasise about is a form of Age Play.

How far you are willing to take your kink is entirely up to you and your partner.


The non-sexual side of age play is as simple as childhood games or just being taken care of by a more responsible person.

Many times, those that are into age play will separate the sexual and non-sexual aspects making them two totally different kinks.

So don’t think that all age play HAS to be sexual, because it does not.

If you’re interested in trying some age play with your partner, sit down and chat with them and decide which way you’d prefer to do it.

Do you want to be older or younger and how young or old do you want to be.

Be sure to enter into a scenario that you are both comfortable with, and some safe words wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Read stories online from forums and blogs, etc. to see what works for some people and doesn’t work for others.

There’s a whole kinky, fun world out there, we just have to look for it. Enjoy!


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