What Exactly is a Cuddle Party?



Let’s Talk about Cuddle Party

You’re asking yourself, ‘What exactly is a Cuddle party?’ aren’t you?

No worries I was wondering myself because I’d never heard of them.

So of course as my curiosity piqued, I did my research, and got as much information on them as I could for you all.


A Cuddle party is described by some sources as a ‘workshop/social-event’.

What they actually do is give adults a non-sexual way to receive affection from others as well as share affection with others.

There is no groping of body parts in a sexual way, just plain and simple cuddling, affection, hugs, and comfort, kissing isn’t even allowed.

Something that we all need at times.


Cuddle Party Origin

Apparently, Cuddle parties are quite the event presently, there have been events in New York where it all began, Los Angeles, North Carolina, Germany, Ireland, Hong Kong, it seems to have gone international and is quickly becoming a popular activity among adults.

The entire idea came to light in 2004 when two relationship coaches Reid Mihalko and Marcia Baczynski decided to create an event for people that were afraid to attend their informal massage workshops.

Once the website was live, Cuddle parties were open to the public, for a small fee.

After the media got wind of the parties, they became a huge sensation in New York.


Cuddle with Strangers?

Of course, everyone has an opinion on these parties, but you know what they say about opinions, if you don’t, just google it you’ll see.

Some people will say it’s lame or stupid to want to go cuddle with strangers, that it’s just weird.

But honestly, these cuddle parties seem to help a lot of people in this crazy world.

So many people are claiming loneliness nowadays thanks to social media and the internet, and they just don’t go out and physically socialize with others anymore.

In our world so many people work from home now also, so they don’t go to a work setting like others, they basically work from home alone.

How can you not be lonely when you don’t get out and socialize with others?


How does it work?

During a Cuddle party, a few things occur to help the participants feel comfortable and relaxed.

When you arrive at the cuddle party there is a welcome circle where the participants introduce themselves, learn about the history and philosophy, get acquainted with the rules, practice communicating what you want and then there are some ice breaking exercises.

You can also wear sweats, go barefoot, wear pajamas, whatever you’re comfortable with, but nothing revealing and no lingerie.

Most of the time guests bring snacks as well for everyone.

A Cuddle party is a very organized event.


Cuddle Lifeguards

There are trained facilitators at these parties that are the organizers as well as what they call ‘cuddle lifeguards’.

These are the ones that make sure there is nothing sexual happening to the guests and then there are ‘cuddle caddies’ that help out the lifeguards by checking people in and making sure that everyone is behaving according to the rules.

They are the second set of eyes for the lifeguards.


Once everyone is comfortable then the cuddling can begin.

It can consist of various things not just spooning with someone.

For some you can just touch feet to feet, or total body hugs, or spoon, or just sit and talk over snacks, it is ultimately up to you and your cuddle buddy.

While all of this can give you a general idea, it’s best to do your own research because there is a lot more that I could include in this piece.


Ultimately, never judge someone that has attended a Cuddle Party without doing so yourself.

There are more and more of them popping up and the reasons to attend are never ending.

Do your research, I think you’ll find it pretty interesting like I did.