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Me & Mrs Jones

Adult Boutique

Sex Toy Cleaners

Taking proper sex toy care will prolong the life of the toy and reduce the chance of infection or irritation. Me & Mrs. Jones has a variety of products that are designed specifically to keep your toys clean and in top hygienic shape. Sex toy cleaners are an easy and convenient way to clean your sex toys. You simply spray it on and wipe it off. It saves the hassle of hauling all of your toys to sink after every use, and yes, we highly recommend that you wash your toys after every use to extend the toys life and discourage the growth of bacteria.

Sex Toy Storage

Store your sex toys in a box or a bag to keep them from getting dirty between uses. You don’t want to use a dusty toy full of lint or pet hair. Make sure that the toys are placed into their storage box or bag after they have been thoroughly dried. Storing a wet toy will encourage bacteria and mould growth – two things that apart from being unsanitary, it will shorten the life of your toy.

An Aussie Owned & Operated Sex Toy Shop

For the beginner to the experienced, our detailed adult product descriptions, images, guides, FAQs will be helpful on the journey to your sexual health and well being. Our unique adult shop makes it easy for you to make discreet purchases that are shipped right to your doorstep. Me and Mrs. Jones is a proudly Australian owned and operated sex toys shop and offers a premiere shopping experience for sex toys Australia. Because we at Me and Mrs. Jones know that sometimes “the feeling is just to strong” to resist, we’re here to let you know that you don’t have to resist it anymore.