Is Erotic Hypnosis Real?

Erotic Hypnosis

Erotic Hypnosis



Erotic hypnosis sounds like the kind of thing that only the therapist would enjoy.

The widely held understanding of it is that the patient has no memory of what happens while under hypnosis.

But not only is it criminal and a huge invasion of someone’s consent, it’s also far from the truth.

Hypnosis actually puts you in such a relaxed state that your mind is more open to suggestions than it otherwise would have been.


If you have seen a hypnotist pull someone from an audience and get him to confess his fondness for cat food, then you’ve been conned.

People don’t suddenly awake after hearing a trigger word because a trance state is simply being hyper-relaxed to a point that makes you suggestible, not incoherent.

So you won’t wake to a laughing crowd and have no recollection of divulging your secret ingredient for meat pie.


The Practice

Erotic hypnosis works in the way of openness, and isn’t an entertainment exploit. It can, however, bring an entertaining element to the bedroom – one would hope.

The practice seeks to aide in peoples’ intimacy, eventually stimulating a hands free orgasm.

Suggestion can be super sexy, if you give it a chance. But the participant also has to be willing and open to it.

Which means they must forfeit false conceptions of hypnosis  — it’s not mind control, you retain the ability to turn away and you will remember everything that happens.

With that, people have praised it for boosting libido, stamina, and the intensity of an orgasm.


You can find it on line

There are YouTube videos that allow a person to undergo erotic hypnosis in the comfort of their own home.

Most of the videos include a slide show of gorgeous women in revealing clothes, gazing at the viewer with bedroom eyes.

That alone can get a rise out of some people. But it certainly takes a practice and patience.

The hypnotist is a woman talking in a seductive voice, encouraging you to relax from the arches of your feet to the crown of your head.

It’s quite effective in getting a person to feel at ease, too. Like listening to the songs of whales during mating season.

That could actually sound terrible. But the point is that if nothing more, it is relaxing.

And if you begin to feel that sensational build up, don’t stop.


There are other forms of psychologically stimulated arousal methods that correspond with erotic hypnosis, like sexual conditioning.

But like most things in the realm of sex – and life in general – you must have an open mind and not reduce a practice to a mockery until you try it.

So search your body for its pleasure points and be willing to engage with the notion of suggestion.

And one day, with practice, you may orgasm every time a bell rings.