Embarrassing Sex Mishaps



Sex Mishaps

In 2013 a show aired on the cable network TLC called, “Sex Sent Me To The ER”, documenting sex mistakes, accidents, mishaps, all during sexual encounters.

The show ended in 2014, but reruns of it can still be seen today on demand, or on Hulu, even Youtube videos still exist.

To say that some of these mishaps were embarrassing is an understatement, not to mention very dangerous and life altering.


It Can happen to Everyone

Chances are high that most everyone can think of a time during sex that something happened unsuspectedly.

It could be as simple and funny as bumping your head, passing gas in bed, or a leg cramp all the way to kneeing your partner in the face causing a bloody nose, or worse case scenario, something more ominous like a broken penis, and yes it can happen.

Imagine going into the ER and explaining to the nurses and doctors how you managed to break your penis, would make for interesting water cooler conversation in the lunchroom don’t you think? It’s best to try avoiding accidents at all cost.


Embarrassing sex mishaps can happen to everyone. S

ome can be funny or hilarious, others can be downright traumatizing.

It just goes to show that we are all human and not robots that are supposedly perfect.

Here are a few I came up with to share with you, these are the less dangerous ones.


-Falling off the bed together
-Bumping heads in the dark
-Poking your partner in the eye
-Sneezing out your partner’s penis during sex
-Hitting the wrong hole, you all know what I’m talking about
-Gag reflex kicking in, and all over your partner
-Shower sex, but someone slips on the suds, ouch!
-Unrealized menstruation, ick!
-Sex toys getting stuck in various places


These are just some minor things that can accidentally happen in the throes of passion, but let’s step up the game and give you a quick run down of other embarrassing sex mishaps that actually happened, prepare yourself, you may cringe.


-A couple was ran over by a freight train while having sex on railroad tracks. No, I didn’t make that up.
-The famous, breaking your penis while getting too hot and heavy
-How about an accidental biting of the penis while giving a blow job?
-On the TV show mentioned earlier, one man got his penis stuck inside a camping stove, it was so swollen, they had to stick a needle in there to release the pressure and reduce the swelling
-Also on that show, a couple was getting freaky in the pool when she got her toe stuck in the filter of the pool
-Who can ever forget the famous Bobbitt tale that happened in the 80’s? Not really a mishap, that was premeditated chopping off of the penis
-Homemade sex toy mishaps, go ahead and google it, the truth is out there
-A large man with a slim lady, slammed her head through the wall during sex by accident


The list goes on and on. So when you find yourself in your next sexual encounter, remember to be careful and try to avoid anything that could most definitely be dangerous to you or your partner, unless you like the danger and pain, the by all means go for it because there’s a whole community of people just like you out in the world somewhere.