Bestseller: Bad Romance Translucent Collection

Bad Romance


Feel like channeling your inner Lady GaGa and having your own “bad romance”?

Then check out our best selling Bad Romance Translucent Collection.



Neck Wrist

If you have ever wanted to try a neck, leg, wrist restraint, the Translucent Neck-Wrist-Leg Restraint by Bad Romance is comfortable, incredibly secure and is made of high quality materials.

With metal fastenings and D-ring connectors to connect, this toy is a must have for every fetish and bondage lover.

The Translucent Neck-Wrist-Leg Restraint comes in clear/black color combination and because of the combination of the metal chains, transparent and black material, this Neck-Wrist-Leg Restraint looks very fashionable and kinky.

When you’re in the mood for more naughty action use this toy in combination with other products of Bad Romance.







Mouth Gag

Keep the love game going by pairing the Bad Romance Translucent Mouth Gag with the Translucent Neck-Wrist-Leg Restraint.

The ball gag consists of transparent and black material and the black rubber ball, this Mouth Gag looks very fashionable and kinky while keeping your partner quiet.









Eye Mask


With the Bad Romance Translucent Eye Mask, deprive your partner of vision while heightening their other sense for an intense state of pleasure. You can pair the Eye Mask with the Bad Romance Translucent Mouth Gag and Translucent Neck-Wrist-Leg Restraint and bring a new level of BDSM and fetish play into the bedroom by being in control of their vision, touch, and screams of delight.














Now that you have your partner, bound and deprived of senses.

Bring your kinky play to another level and push the boundaries of your submissive or dominant side with the Bad Romance Translucent Whip.

Excite their senses and tickle their skin with easy caresses from the whip.

If something more intense is needed, ignite their desires with a spanking as hard as desired.



When you’re in the mood for more naughty action use these toy in combination with other products of from the Bad Romance collection available at Me & Mrs Jones.