Art of Seduction: Oral Sex


Oral Sex


At the pub one night, I was eavesdropping on a conversation between a group of burly, blokey guys discussing their dislike for blow-jobs.

Well, not really dislike, but more of an apprehension.

Their wives and girlfriends were good at, they said, but they only enjoyed it for a short period of time.

The blokes, however, loved going down on their girls – it was a real turn on.

This I found quite interesting, and wanted to hear more, but the subject had then moved on to footy.

It got me to thinking though…


I’ve known both men and women to not prefer receiving oral sex, but legit love giving it.

Between partners, performing oral sex can be an immensely impressive feat, akin to a sport or performance.

There’s skill, technique, artistry and an unspoken sense of self-pride and validation in knowing you have the ability to bring your partner to climax.


However, for a lot of us, both receiving and giving oral sex is a fantastic, intimate experience.

One of the hottest things a girl can do is tie her hair up, and out of the blue.

Lean over and take her man’s member out, without asking, and start going for it.

It’s the unexpectedness that’s a real turn on, no doubt.


For women, however, the best thing a guy can do is take his time, savour it.

Make sure to ignore the over-exaggerated  exuberance of ‘eating out’ in porn.

Porn oral sex is not real oral sex.

And every woman is different, so communication is key. Girls – make sure to direct your guy.

Be honest, not embarrassed, and tell him where to go, how hard, or how soft, etc.

Guys – do the same thing, but remember to relax, and not tense up… even though there are a set of teeth less than an inch away!


If you’re a more adventurous couple, then try teasing.

If a girl ties her guy up, and uses nothing but the tip of her tongue down the shaft, it will drive him completely crazy.

For girls receiving, definitely  try an unorthodox position, such as the kitchen bench, the backseat of a car, or if you live double story, then on the stairwell.

There’s a sheer thrill of giving head in a random location.

If it’s what you’re after, sprawl yourself in the location, embrace it.