Art of Seduction: Masturbation

The art of Masturbation

It’s an awesome thing, masturbation. It’s one of those hobbies nobody grows tired of.

Whether it’s solo or mutual, there are endless forms of expression and techniques to explore with yourself and/or partners, depending on one’s imagination.                      masturbation

Additionally, it’s great for stress/anxiety relief, boredom, and seduction.

Solo or mutual, the advantages and playfulness of masturbation can sometimes be more titillating than sex itself.

Discovering Masturbation

An old friend of mine told me an awkward, funny story about how she discovered masturbating.

She’d had a long line of health problems throughout puberty, and could never figure out the correct way in which her body would positively respond when masturbating.

In her late teens, she began going to gym. One day during some leg crunches, she felt a tingle down there.

As she continued with the crunches, the tingle grew and grew until finally, in front of a whole group of men and women working out, she reached climax.

Her face was flushed, sweaty and she felt euphoric – really not unlike most people exercising at the gym, anyway.

From there on in, and as far as I know until this day, she kills two birds with one stone, via her unique style of leg crunching.


Mutual Masturbation

Mutual masturbation at the beginning of a relationship can be awkward. Nobody’s familiar with each other’s bodies yet, and through a slew of mishaps and rare success, partners can slowly begin to work out the algebraic equation that is the other body.

Once partners are more confident and comfortable, that’s when experimentation begins.

It can be at home, lazing around, watching television, when hands can start exploring. Or, if you’re more adventurous, it’s at the movies, in the back of the cinema in the low glow of the screen, when a hand begins to unbuckle a belt, or find its way up a skirt. In these instances it’s easy to become swept up in the slow-burned momentum, but pulling back and teasing, ensures even greater excitement.

A hetro couple I know invented this hot form of heavy petting that all couples should try.

It involves being in bed, late at night, with all lights off. Both parties should be naked, with a space between them.

In that space should be a laptop, opened up to either porn, or an erotic film with lots of sex.

The rule is that partners cannot touch one another, and the first one to cave loses (or do they?).

This game is great for teasing exercises, but adding subtle, mutual masturbation, makes the game an entirely new thing unto itself.

Here are some sites for further investigation. Have fun!
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