Art of Seduction: Lingerie

STRETCH LACE PEEK-A-BOO BUSTIERLingerie is and always will be a secret and sexy prop of allurement. Uncovering a partner’s body to find them wrapped in soft, scant lace and silk is an exceptional thrill for anybody. Additionally, it is also extremely empowering, and the right fit makes any person feel confident and beautiful.


A hetero couple I know, let’s call them L and C, told me a story of how they brought lingerie into their sex life. L got the idea after watching a friend try on different types, noticing the sexiness confidence brought out in the friend. C, of course, was all for the idea. Together, they spent a lazy Sunday shopping through the city; L tried on all different sorts, sending selfies to C from the change room. This proved exciting, and got them both way too horny.


After choosing a subtle, yet skimpy black-lace two-piece, L and C raced home to christen it, so to speak. C told me that the change in L’s appearance heightened his attraction for her; he saw her as both someone completely new, but who was still the same. L, on the other hand, felt a supreme feeling of domination and control, and for the first time in a while, was able to take the wheel during sex.


The aftermath of using lingerie affected other aspects of L and C’s sex life, too. L began eating healthier, and working out more, so as to look more toned and fit in the lingerie. Each time C made a move, it was an unspoken thrill to slip his hands under L’s shirt, to see if she was wearing any of the soft, sensual lingerie.


One could say L and C’s appreciation of lingerie is fetishized, but more power to them. Lingerie defiantly adds another dimension to a couple’s sex life, especially if the both of you feel things are falling flat between the sheets.


Lingerie is arguably one of the first steps in opening up other avenues for sexual exploration. The main ingredient is confidence, which should be utilised with flawless integrity. Wait for your partner to come home, sprawled on the couch like it’s no big thing, the simple surprise will get both motor’s racing.


Even without sex, simply wearing lingerie, at work, a dinner, or out for a walk, can just make you feel sexy within yourself. This boosts sex-drive, not to mention it’s extremely comfortable! And the great part is subtly surprising your partner out of the blue. If you start here, it can only get wilder.


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