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About Me & Mrs. Jones

We’ve got a thing going on…

Whether you’re looking for some exciting solo play or you’re heading for a steamy rendezvous, Me & Mrs. Jones has what you need to explore new ways of pleasure from lingerie, fetish wear, sex toys and sex games, to a sensual assortment of naughty novelties. We have created a thrilling shopping experience “For Her, For Him, and For Us”.

Me & Mrs. Jones sets the mood from the moment you begin shopping all the way to the bedroom…or wherever else you like to play. We were inspired by the soulful voice of Billy Paul in the hit song “Me and Mrs. Jones” because we know that sometimes “the feeling is just too strong” to resist. And why should you?

So why not stay a while and browse all of the tantalising assortment of sensual products in our adult boutique. These are sure to ignite your passion and leave you wanting more. And when you do want more, we make it easy for you to re-order your favourite products and then find that something new that will take you all the way to the edge and back again.


Me & Mrs. Jones Australia Pty. Ltd., ABN 612 024 610