A Woman’s Guide to Vibrators



Vibrators are an exciting addition to any lady’s sex toy collection. Finding the right one can take a lot of time. As with most things concerning sex, it is down to preference and what the woman in question feels comfortable with. The great thing is that nowadays there is so much choice in this area. Of course, you can run off to a sex shop, yet lots of women also enjoy browsing online. With added product descriptions from real users, you’ll end up getting a good overview of what it is like and what you’ll get from it.


Vibrators and Penetration

Penetrative sex is thrilling. Penetrative sex with something that vibrates is even more thrilling. A standard toy that a lot of women use is a dildo with vibrational capabilities. There will often be settings as well, so it is commonly advised that people take the time and start with a lower one before working their way up. It is also a good idea to consider different types of movement and see which ones get you going the best.

Vibrators often come in different shapes and size too. Some will have a variety of different surfaces such as bumps or grooves. These can also add to the feeling and overall can create a very interesting sensation. Perhaps you may even find one that is your particular favorite.

Regarding penetration, you don’t have to just stick to the vaginal area. Anal vibrators which are often one and the same (although some are specifically designed for the anus) can also create interesting and intense sensations. This naturally depends on how comfortable you are with anal play in the first place.


Vibrators for Your Man

If you have a male partner then using vibrators together can also be a tantalizing experience. These days, cock rings often come with vibrational settings that can even be put on at different levels. A man wearing a vibrating cock ring will essentially turn his penis into something similar, and this can be fantastic for a lot of different positions (especially doggy style).


Vibrators on Erogenous Zones

It is no secret that women have many erogenous zones. These go beyond the anus and the vagina and can include places like the neck, the shoulders, armpits, breasts, and nipples. Running a vibrator along these parts can also create wonderful, erotic sensations. This is especially true of the clitoris. In fact, clitoral stimulation with a vibrator is often more intense than penetrative. This is because it focuses entirely on the orgasmic part.

Ultimately, proper use of vibrators will entirely depend on your own needs. You should take the time to experiment with yourself first and see how it is. However, if you have a partner who is willing then allow them to stimulate you as well. Sometimes the sensation can be quite different when someone else is taking the reins. As always, remember to communicate to your partner what it is you enjoy – so they can bring you the ecstasy you deserve.