A Man’s Guide to Vibrators


The true about Man’s Vibrators

A common misconception is that vibrators are primarily for women. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

For the most part, women do tend to have far more “holes” than men do: this leaves a lot of opportunity for penetrative exploration. However, men have just as much of a chance to enjoy this as the ladies.

It does involve a lot of anal penetration which is something a lot of men tend not to be as comfortable with.

These days though, many men are beginning to understand the pleasures of anal sex and masturbation and therefore vibrators can add a whole host of new experiences.


Anal Vibrators: What Are They Like?

Dildoes and butt plugs are commonly used in anal play, although there are far smaller implements that you can use.

In fact, a lot of the vibrators that were originally conceived for women can also be used by men.

Basically, if you can stick it in your butt then it’ll work!

When it comes to the sensation of vibration, you need to find something that is equipped for this.

If you are too embarrassed to go into a brick-and-mortar shop and ask questions, you can also shop online.

There are plenty of online sex shops that do a roaring trade, so all you need to do is take a look through the different items they have.

Often, they’ll come with product descriptions and some users even leave anonymous reviews.

This means that you can get an honest opinion from people.

When trying out anal vibrators the first time, be sure to actually “prepare” the anus.

We would advise that you use a considerable amount of lube.

Try not to use too much, but don’t hurt yourself either.

There is a fine balance that needs to be reached, so what you need to do is just take the time to figure it out.


The Sensation

It could be said that the sensation of vibration is more of a tasty “side dish” to the main event. Different people react differently to it, so it is a good idea to see what sort of sensation you experience when getting down and dirty with yourself. In addition, you can also try this out with a partner and compare.

A lot of vibrators also have different settings. If you are new to the whole game, make sure that you start with a low setting and then gradually increase it. As with anything in sex, you don’t have to jump into it whole hog. Taking the time to explore your body and understand what kind of sensations you enjoy will help.


Cock Rings

Not everything to do with vibrators has to be penetrative. Vibrating cock rings are becoming very popular these days. Again, vibration can add a new sensation that creates a beautiful and astounding release especially when you orgasm.

Of course, cock rings also have the added benefit of simply letting you last longer.

This is something your partner will appreciate in the long run (literally).


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Don’t worry. Have fun 🙂